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Welcome to The Bloemker Archives

In September 2009, we lost the incomparable Mary D. Bloemker. This web site celebrates MaryB's fannish legacy - her fiction, her art, her zines, and the many ways she touched family, friends and fen alike throughout the years. Please take your time to browse around the site and enjoy the work that MaryB leaves behind - and then please stop by Celebrate Mary D. Bloemker (on Blogger) web site to add your thoughts and memories of MaryB.

MaryB's first and longest running fanzine was The Vaslovik Archives, named after the amazing library of data amassed by Emil Vaslovik in Gene Roddenberry's pilot film, The Questor Tapes. MaryB leaves an amazing library of fan fiction, art, and fanzines, too - The Bloemker Archives.

If you know of fiction or art by MaryB that's not included in this web site, please drop your web mistress a note to let me know - I do want to make this site as complete as possible in bringing MaryB's work together on the web.

Please plan to stop by often!

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All material by Mary D. Bloemker copyright 1976-2009 by Mary D. Bloemker. MaryB, we miss you!