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Shadow Chasers
  • YouTube now features clips from Shadow Chasers, promo commercials, clips from the French language version, Chasseurs d'Hombres, and the Spanish language version, Cazadores de Sombras.
  • IMDB includes details (much of it contributed by MaryB)
  • Wikipedia
  • FanLore
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The Cast and Crew

Trevor Eve Dennis Dugan Nina Foch - RIP 8 December 2008 Kenneth Johnson Joe Harnell (theme music) - RIP July 14, 2005 Brian Grazer Return to Top.


  • Neon Rainbow Press (various, including a Shadow Chasers special collection)
  • Elan Press (Our Favorite Things)
  • Agent with Style (fanzine supermarket, including Shadow Chasers Express, and other zines featuring Shadow Chasers fanfiction
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